Community Garden


As the community have come together to save The Garibaldi Pub, we have also developed the garden into a 'Community Garden'.

Our aim is for members of the community to enjoy the benefits of being outdoors. Encouraging a nurturing environment, reducing isolation, appreciating nature and wildlife, improving self-esteem, improving fitness and much more.

Our gardening volunteers known as the Garibaldi Gardening Group (GGGs) have worked hard on transforming the garden into a place where members of the community can come and enjoy it. A garden designer drew up a beautiful design, to simulate creative ideas; and we have some very enthusiastic gardeners and imaginative people within the group who help us bring the garden to life.

The GGGs have cleared the garden of rubbish, brambles and weeds, planted bulbs, cut back shrubs and pruned our beautiful apple tree. There is a composter in the corner of the garden, built out of pallets, we have built several raised planters, to grow vegetables and flowers, and put in a levelled circled area.

The YMCA now use the garden for their group of young adults, presenting with some special needs.

Access to the garden has been improved, for people of all ages and abilities, under the limitations that we have. With grants, fundraising, amazing volunteers and community support, we continue to work in our garden, making it something for everyone to enjoy!

If you are interested in joining the GGGs or know of a local community group that would benefit from using our garden, please provide your name, telephone number and email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or at the bar, thank you.