High five — we’re still alive!

Well, we’ve made it to our fifth birthday. That’s five years since a bunch of plucky (or should we say ‘stubborn’?) regulars decided to take action to stop The Garibaldi becoming lost to the incessant march of development.

We’re striving, surviving, thriving… which is all the more remarkable when you consider that for almost half of our existence in our current form we’ve had to cope with pandemic and being forced to shut our doors. Many other small businesses did so permanently, and many other hospitality venues are still struggling to build business levels back to where they were.

So, we’re fortunate.

It hasn’t happened by accident. We’ve worked hard to make sure that The Garibaldi is a fun and welcoming place to be. There’re familiar faces on both sides of the bar. We work with and listen to our customers in terms of the ales and other drinks we offer — and to make sure that there’s variety and interest. The guys from Bhunny’s are now a permanent fixture, serving quality street food and supporting our charity and group activities.

The garden’s a bit parched at the moment but it’s still a fabulous place to spend time. All credit should go to the witty, intelligent, sophisticated and incredibly physically attractive bunch who maintain it.

We have weekly events, which we’re always keen to see new faces at. Every Thursday, for instance, we alternate a Quiz Night and a Music Bingo Night. Every Sunday afternoon, we have a Meat Raffle which offers superb value for money — remember, though: you have to be in it to win it.

Our group and charity activities continue to grow. We have live music. We do regular brewery tours and support veterans’ welfare — and between now and the end of the year we have two beer festivals on the calendar.

The first, over 30 September - 2 October is the Redhill and Redstone Rotary Charity Beer Festival. This is a real honour for us, as we’re the host venue for an event which usually takes place in the Reigate Tunnel. We’ll also be the beneficiary of the monies raised.

The second, over Bonfire Weekend (4 - 6 November), is our Dark Ales event and will feature a selection of the best of the country’s winter brews.

Over 17-18 December will be our Christmas Party. That’ll include a Craft Market, a visit from Santa, a Secret Santa and a raffle.

But — BUT — we are ALWAYS open to suggestions of new projects or events.

…that belongs to you because our most important asset isn’t the bricks and mortar, or the garden, or the pumps and optics. It’s the customers. The rest doesn’t exist otherwise. Which is just about the time that we need to say a big thank you to those of you who bless us with your time and company.

Please be a part of the next five years, and the five after that, and the five after that, and so on.

We’ll continue to come up with as much that is vibrant and new as we can, while also providing the familiar and dependable.

Just remember that we’re an approachable bunch. This is your local, so please help to make this place even more of what you want.


Welcome to this special edition of The Garibaldi Newsletter.

We’ve taken the time to try a new format as we want to mark the passing of the pandemic and talk about how we’re looking forward.

First of all, a brief look back: The pandemic. We’ve all had a rough couple of years and many of us are still getting used again to the freedoms we used to take for granted. The Garibaldi
has sprung back with gusto and it’s lovely to see some old and new regulars helping to make this community asset viable.

…Speaking of which, August will see our fifth birthday. Thank you to all for your support so far. We’ll continue doing all we can to make that support worthwhile.

With that in mind, a lot has gone on and will continue to go on. The pub’s looking great inside, having had a re-fresh courtesy of some of those who are regularly on the right side of the bar. Summer’s almost upon us, and we’ve also put a lot of time into making the best of the garden. Many hands make light work, and if you want to help there in any way just let the bar staff know.

We plan to have live music at the end of every month, as well as on special occasions as and when these arise. For example, the celebrations of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee will take place over the extended weekend of Thursday 2 June to Sunday 5 June, and we’ll have live music then — as well as our usual awesome mix of guest ales and street food.

We’ve a lot going on, and there’s always space to do more. Again, bring your ideas with you when you pop in for a drink. And some food. And some good company. We do our best to make this a good place, and we’re glad you enjoy it, but it’s you who actually make it. Thanks again for being here.

Shiv and the team.


The Surrey SelectionGarioke on 28 May


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An Asset of Community Value has to serve its community, and we’ve instituted the Forces Fry-Up. This takes place on the third Saturday morning of each month and is aimed at serving military personnel and veterans.

The Forces Fry-Up is intended to provide a benign social environment for those of similar backgrounds, as well as a gateway to help for those who need it. We’re already seeing realistic numbers of people turning up but it would be useful if people could continue to spread the word. We provide a full English breakfast for £5, and a bottomless pot of tea or coffee.

That still leaves several other free Saturday mornings in a month; if anyone wants to set up something similar for other groups, let’s have a chat about it!

There are monthly brewery tours which you can sign up for — we’ll be running those on the same Saturday of each month as the Forces Fry-Up. And there’s the meat raffle every Sunday. And the quiz… and the music bingo…

But don't forget, there are lots of other ways you can get involved and help:


Funding reminders:

  • Please do show us support for our goal to buy the pub via ‘Your Fund Surrey – Join The Local Conversation’.
  • Further cost-free support for your local is also available via EasyFundRaising– over 6,000 retailers will donate to us when you shop via the site which really help. Thanks to ongoing participants who helped raise just under £66 over the last quarter.
  • The Garibaldi Pub One Lottery! Tickets still only £1 a week with cash prizes and one lucky winner could win up to £25,000 – please gamble responsibly!
  • The Tesco Community Grant closed on Thu 31 Mar – We are pleased to announce we have been awarded £500 towards our garden.

Please let Sarah Maye know if want to join the Gari Garden Gang!!

Leave Name/ Email / Mobile at bar


Schedule 2022

May 29th @ 10:00am

July 10th @ 09:30am

August 7th @ 9:30am

May 8th @ 10:00am

June 26th @ 09:30am

September 11th @10:00am

October 9th @ 10:00am

November 13th @ 10:00am



As the community have come together to save The Garibaldi Pub, we have also developed the garden into a 'Community Garden'.

Our aim is for members of the community to enjoy the benefits of being outdoors. Encouraging a nurturing environment, reducing isolation, appreciating nature and wildlife, improving self-esteem, improving fitness and much more.

Our gardening volunteers known as the Garibaldi Gardening Group (GGGs) have worked hard on transforming the garden into a place where members of the community can come and enjoy it. A garden designer drew up a beautiful design, to simulate creative ideas; and we have some very enthusiastic gardeners and imaginative people within the group who help us bring the garden to life.

The GGGs have cleared the garden of rubbish, brambles and weeds, planted bulbs, cut back shrubs and pruned our beautiful apple tree. There is a composter in the corner of the garden, built out of pallets, we have built several raised planters, to grow vegetables and flowers, and put in a levelled circled area.

The YMCA now use the garden for their group of young adults, presenting with some special needs.

Access to the garden has been improved, for people of all ages and abilities, under the limitations that we have. With grants, fundraising, amazing volunteers and community support, we continue to work in our garden, making it something for everyone to enjoy!

If you are interested in joining the GGGs or know of a local community group that would benefit from using our garden, please provide your name, telephone number and email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or at the bar, thank you.